Nils Enevoldsen

I research global poverty.

Please tell me anonymously what I do well, and what I can do better.


2014 Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Washington

2008 Associate of Arts from South Seattle Community College


2014–16,18 Research Assistant for Rohini Pande and Abhijit Banerjee


2016–18 Teaching Assistant for edX 14.100x Microeconomics

Working Papers

2020 “Public Information is an Incentive for Politicians: Experimental Evidence from Delhi Elections.”
(With Abhijit Banerjee, Rohini Pande, and Michael Walton.)


2018 “countrycode: An R package to convert country names and country codes,” JOSS.
(With Vincent Arel-Bundock and CJ Yetman.)


2014 Outstanding Scholar in Economics, University of Washington


2018 I was dismissed from mit's doctoral economics program for poor grades.

2016 I did not receive a departmental fellowship in 2016 for the doctoral program at mit, nor did I receive an nsf Graduate Research Fellowship.

2016 I was not offered admission to doctoral programs in economics at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, nyu, Columbia, Yale, Brown, UPenn, Michigan, or Duke, nor at the business schools of Harvard, nyu, or Chicago.

2013 I did not apply to the Honors program in Economics at the University of Washington, nor did I write a thesis, nor did I take any graduate-level courses.

2007–12 I spent several years neither working nor studying.

2005 I was dismissed from Whitman College for poor grades.

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